it’s all mine…and i’m back

At long last, “all that mama drama” belongs to me again. And while it’s true that I’ve lost my blog posts of the past, I am able to start fresh from here, from present day, and go forward from this place, where mama drama is all mine…to share with you.


This time will be different, though. It will not just be my tales of woe and chaos and madness. I will not just write about the trials and tribulations of raising three daughters. There will be some of that. How can there not be? But I also want to share all of the fabulousness that I discover along the way. We are embarking on some major journeys here: we have a vegetarian 13-year old, we are going to attempt going gluten-free (I think), we have discovered amazing kitchen appliances and recipes and time-saving shortcuts and I want to share them! I now have a tween and two teenage girls who can school me in what’s hot and what’s not, and I can help other moms be cool and blow away their own daughters with their ridiculously deep vats of hip knowledge! I am learning how to make and stick to a budget (for real!) and am decluttering and organizing my house and want to share my journey to becoming a minimalist with all of you!! Lofty expectations, I know, but that is where I am heading. It’s all about the journey, they say, and this journey should provide loads of learning and entertainment as I stumble my way through it.


Now. I don’t want anyone to think that there won’t be drama involved anymore. It’s me. There will ALWAYS be drama. But perhaps there will also be a little more informative fun, some hilarious tales of getting lost as I embark upon the never-before seen lands of Organization and Sticking to a Budget, and the old faithful tales of venting about my three daughters and the constant drama they bring to my world. I hope that this re-vamped, upcycled version of “mama drama” appeals to you and brings you back time and time again.

And if there are things that you want to see here that would keep you reading, please let me know! I would love to hear from you!

I’m so happy to be back.

mama kate

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